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Tutor 4 U was started by a team of passionate educators who simply wanted to share their love of learning with others. At Tutor 4 U, we have remained educators first, and a business second. We provides families across the GTA with teachers that truly understand the essence of education. Not only do our tutors help students succeed academically but they also help them foster empowerment, positive thinking, and a thirst for curiosity. We want to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. At Tutor 4 U we also believe that every child has their own unique set of skills; EVERY child has the capacity for greatness. We help students transform their weaknesses into strengths by taking the time to understand them. After all. learning is a partnership between the teacher and students. We ensure that no child is left behind. We have used our knowledge of contemporary education theories to develop a specialized 21st century teaching approach. Let us help your child become the scholar of the future.


“Before I went to Tutor4u, I hated English. I needed to get a good grade to go into the engineering program. Instead of making me memorize poetic devices from a list, the tutor actually made the concepts memorable through his quirky anecdotes.”‚Äč


—  Sally, Grade 12

"The Mind once enlightened 

can again become dark"


-Thomas Paine

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