At Tutor4U we have expert education consultants that can assist you in making academic decisions for your children. We have a professional team that can ensure a 100% acceptance into top schools around the world, but on top of that, we will also provide your child with the perfect tutor to assist their academic and personal growth. Our education planning program provides families with a reliable team that can handle any academic decision or requirement including filling out paperwork, course planning, registering for volunteer services, academic pathway planning, registering in extracurricular academic competitions, and university applications. Read our chart below to get the full scope of our education planning program.

Private School Admissions Plan

expert guidance

Getting into a private school can be extremely difficult, as is choosing the right private school to go to. We're here to share our knowledge of Ontario, Canadian, and American private high schools that will provide you with the best academic pathways to some of the world's most competitive institutions. Provided in our private school admissions plan is interview training, academic tutoring, and full assistance with all applications including communications with teachers for recommendation letters. Learn more below.

University Admissions pLAN

Building a successful future

Tutor4U is here to help your child get into their dream university. We're also here to help you navigate Ontario's university world, and assist you in determining which programs are best for your child, and what to do to get into them. Whether you want to to go to university in Canada, Britain, or England our expert team can help you by offering academic tutoring and application assistance.

Visa & Study Permit Renewals

A Stress Free World

We also offer visa & study permit renewal services so you don't have to deal with all that awful paperwork. Please contact us  & speak to one of our education consultants if you are interested.

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