Why choose tutor 4 u?

It's our goal to do more than tutoring, here at Tutor 4 U we don't just focus on your children's academic success but we also develop their character and mentor them along the way. Our teachers are educators and role models helping your children find a path to success! We're also here for 24/7 assistance, no matter what.

can I temporarily pause my classes?

No matter what the reason is, if you want to have a temporary break during any allocated package such as our 12 hours or 24 hours packages, your hours will be deducted once you return. However, group classes are firm due to the consideration of peers.

Are assessments free?

Our education assessments are completely free, and better yet, we will even share the results with you. 


it is important to let us know 4-6 hours before the start of your class if you wish to cancel. Hours will be deducted from your package if you do not let us know ahead of time. In case of emergency or severe illnesses, a doctor's note is required for last minute cancellations.

How are classes conducted?

Online classes are conducted via video messaging platforms such as Skype. In-Home sessions will be conducted within the comforts of your own home. Classes are also available at our centre which is located at 7191 Yonge Street.

How are hours tracked on online sessions?

At the end of each session, a call log will be shared with you so you can see the exact start and end times of the class. If there any discrepancies we'll add the time back to future sessions at no charge!

What kind of resources are available at tutor 4 u?

Tutor 4 U has a vast library of academic resources from famous publishers such as: pearson & mcgraw hill. We also have a curated library of original content such as our guaranteed IELTS program, any many original and effective grammar worksheets and math exercises.

how will i receive my child's progress?

Every month you will receive a progress report explaining your child's developments. We'll outline their strengths, remaining weaknesses, and what the next steps are for continued improvement. Progress reports will be given in a formal meeting with the teacher, encouraging interaction between clients and teachers.

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