At Tutor4U, we highly value the development of the mathematics. With math standards declining all over Canada, we want to help your child develop the fundamentals they need in order to study mathematics at a high level. Our math program is both fun yet rigid. It is designed to show children the joy of mathematics yet develop the core skills they need.

English & eSL

The critical skills that are developed in an English classroom are used throughout our lives. Which is why our English tutoring program is not only focused on developing the proper communication skills necessary to succeed at an academic level but it's also designed to strengthen one's critical thinking. Our ESL program is uniquely designed to immerse language learners in the world of English and help improve their abilities.


The future of innovation lies within our next generation so it is highly important to foster their curiosity and passion for the sciences and technologies. Our tutors at Tutor4U make the complicated uncomplicated by helping students understand the perplexing world of science. Tutor4U will foster your child's passion for the sciences by engaging them in a world of curiosity and innovation while also teaching them study habits and skills.

Social sciences & humanities

Geography, history, and the social sciences are some of the most difficult subjects a child will encounter and the resources for success are not available in schools. It is highly frustrating trying to untangle the diverse subjects presented in these fields of study. But difficulty is only a small part of the picture, these subjects are also highly important to the crucial development of one's mind.


Is your child in a IB program? Are you thinking of registering in an IB program? If you answered yes to either of those questions than Tutor4U is your destination for top of the class IB tutoring. Our IB tutors are former teachers from IB schools all around the world. With years of teaching the IB curriculum, our tutors are the most qualified. At the end of the day, all we want to do at Tutor4U is help your child get into their dream school. Read more to find out about our IB tutoring program.


Are you thinking of taking an AP course? Or maybe you are preparing for an AP exam? Applying to a private school or American university? Tutor4U can offer the best standardized testing preparation in the GTA. Our tutors are highly qualified in their disciplines and have countless experience in prepping for American standardized tests.

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