Pay as you go (1-2 Hours)

Want to try us out? Feel free to just grab one session. If you end up falling in love,  you can continue your sessions lesson to lesson. Total flexibility, no commitments, just how it should be.

1 on 1 (12 Hours)

Got short term plans? Whether its a big project, essay, test, or exam, we'll help you get the results you need.

1 on 1 (24 hours)

A long term mentorship, we'll help you steadily improve and build your skills while ensuring your academic success. A package designed to build a strong bond between teacher and student.

Group Package (12 Hours)

Want to study with your friends or siblings? No problem, grab the crew the together and we'll help you get to where you need to be. Perfect for friends, siblings, and classmates with short term goals.

Group Package (24 Hours)

Start of a new school year? Already know one of your classes will be difficult? Don't worry, bring a mate with you, we'll help you both out. The school year will fly by and the best is, you'll be stress fee! Perfect for siblings, friends, and classmates that have long term plans and want continuous tutoring.

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